Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yo sweetcorn fans (i.e weird nfg bloke)

The sweetcorn is doing very well and nearly ready for eating. (found out the other day which bit it is you eat lmao, i thought it grew at the top! oops...)

To the left is what was my peas and behind are my runner beans which are just starting to grow. Nearly got my first toms woop woop!

Coming soon, MJB has runner beans and tomatoes coming out of his ears.

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bexsallotment said...

Hiya MJB,wow just look at your beans,niceone ole chap!!!sweetcorns aint bad either,loved NFG's comment about your ears,heard of wax in the ears but realy 'beans and tomatoes'???????hehe.My cobs are swelling beautifuly :)